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I hate…

April 17, 2010 15 comments


I hate the way you make me feel,
I hate that you can read my mind,
And that you’re always right.
I hate the way you make me smile,
even when I wanna cry.
I hate your thoughts that haunt me.

I hate the way you pass by me,
and not even talk.
I hate the way you left me hurt,
And now that you don’t even care.
I hate that I can’t be angry,
I hate crying over you.

I hate it when you lie,
I hate the fact that I fell for you,
And that I’ll never get over you.
I hate that I don’t hate you,
not even a bit,
not even at all.

I hate so many things,
But the thing I hate the most is,
I hate myself for NOT hating you!

© Aditi

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December 9, 2009 18 comments


It’s been a long time now
since you broke my heart
I don’t know
why did you do that
Still have those unanswered questions
I try to be strong
But somehow I still can’t
get you off my mind
Never ever thought that
I’ll see this day without you
Only if you knew how I felt
Hearing your name
Left a spark on my face
Now, there’s pain to accompany it
Don’t know
Why did you have to pretend
Tell me
Should I be sad that you are not with me?
Be happy that you were once mine?
why did you have to go away?

I hope now you’re happy
very happy without me
I hope that you get everything you want in life
But most of all
I really hope that you’ll miss me one day
As much as I do now.

© Aditi

P.S – This poem was written by me just for time-pass. Random thoughts, you see. Nothing’s related to me. 😛
(Considering all the comments this post/poem is getting, I was forced to add this note to avoid confusion)

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