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I hate…

April 17, 2010 15 comments


I hate the way you make me feel,
I hate that you can read my mind,
And that you’re always right.
I hate the way you make me smile,
even when I wanna cry.
I hate your thoughts that haunt me.

I hate the way you pass by me,
and not even talk.
I hate the way you left me hurt,
And now that you don’t even care.
I hate that I can’t be angry,
I hate crying over you.

I hate it when you lie,
I hate the fact that I fell for you,
And that I’ll never get over you.
I hate that I don’t hate you,
not even a bit,
not even at all.

I hate so many things,
But the thing I hate the most is,
I hate myself for NOT hating you!

© Aditi

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